Niagara Open Coffee Club

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Now that the COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions are easing, NOCC will be a hybrid meeting with some joining via Zoom and others in-person at TReC.

NOCC is a weekly occurring salon for the local business community. Every Monday, passionate individuals will converge in a central location to share ideas, offer support, and form new connections. It serves as an entrance point for interested individuals to the local business hive of activity.

These principals have revealed themselves to be self-evident:

-Founders lead the startup community by example

-We operate with a long-term, ethical and equitable vision

-Support comes through networking and giving first

-All consubstantiate the community

-We freely share knowledge

Here’s the game plan:

People will start arriving for an 8:30am opening (on Zoom, or in person);
enter at the TReC main entrance on 616 Niagara Street.
Free on-street parking is available on Niagara Street and 7th Street.
Conversations with connections, new and old, should start from the moment people park.
We think we’ve worked the logistical kinks out of serving a lot of people in short order, so you’ll be able to net a free bottomless cup of joe without much bloodshed.
Sometime around 8:40am, a bellowing voice will quiet the crowd.
Chatter will die down.
The floor is opened to anyone who wants to share their GIVE/ASK.
Then anyone can come forth and for 60 seconds tell the group:

-Who they are

-What they care about

-What they can GIVE to the community

-What they ASK of the group

People should share upcoming events; celebrate successes & failures of their startups: let the room know they are looking for work ; or break some hot news. Impromptu, informative and interesting. Once the last brave soul finishes, the room will reanimate as individuals pivot and crash immediately back into conversation. It’s time to seek those that sparked an idea, or to rekindle a conversation. Every industry, company stage and personality type is welcome.

We will be circulating notes on what is announced each week and also continuing to canvas the crowd for what we should try out (this is, in most ways, one big ongoing experiment in organic collisions).

Big things come from small things, as there are no whales without krill or forests without acorns or Super Mario without little Mario.

We hope you’ll join us and make this a vibrant, sustainable event. (Text copied shamelessly from Jack Greco).



Oct 10 2022


8:30 am - 9:30 am


Niagara Falls, NY

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